Monday 2 February 2015

Relentless - Jeff Bezos

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with poetry. I like poetry as long as it doesn't try to talk to me as if I'm a two year old or expects me to be impressed because it knows all the names of the Greek Gods (or the colour of Jane Austen's knickers) and I don't.

Anyway it's about time I reviewed a poetry book and I was lucky enough to have discovered this wonderful little collection via the Twitterverse,  edited by Russell Bennetts and published by Pendant Publishing. I was minding my business when it popped onto my screen this afternoon.

It's a rather witty and imaginative collection using business magnate Jeff Bezos as inspiration. To be honest he's not somebody who I know an awful lot about. Maybe it's because I'm British or because in many ways the i pod generation has slipped me by, and I can't afford all that stuff anyway. But it's a great read that takes you on a satirical journey that borders on insanity in parts. In parts it's hilarious. But before I say anymore, just read it.

Maybe not all poetry is annoying after all.

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